Federal Hemp Legalization Expected to Pass by End of Year


Congress has reached an agreement on the 2018 Farm Bill, which would legalize a nationwide hemp and hemp-derived CBD industry once passed.

Congressional leaders announced last week that an agreement has been reached on the 2018 Farm Bill that reportedly includes provisions that would legalize industrial hemp agriculture and remove hemp products from the Controlled Substances Act. A vote on the bill is expected before the end of the year. Continue reading “Federal Hemp Legalization Expected to Pass by End of Year”

Recipe: Easy Hemp Seed Vegan Parmesan Cheese


Step away from that traditional shaker bottle of parmesan cheese and give this dairy-free, nut-free alternative a try.

Vegan parmesan cheese is not a new concept. The salty substitute can be found in health food stores or made at home using a few simple ingredients. So, what makes this recipe different? It’s all in the (hemp) seeds. Continue reading “Recipe: Easy Hemp Seed Vegan Parmesan Cheese”