Welcome to 8thFire.org.

This site is about the 8th fire — the people and places working towards that end and what the 8th fire means to You and I,  exactly..

Why is there a Hemp-Plant on the cover, and what does Hemp have to do with the 8th fire? Well, the Plant is on the cover because the revitalization of the hemp industry and re-intruduction of Hemp into the social fabric goes part and parcel with  the social changes which will bring about the lighting of the 8th Fire. The Hemp Plant, in a way, is symbolic of the new way. 

A way of Peace, Fellowship, Understanding, and Social Harmony. It also symbolizes the healing from greed, false-power,  delusion, and strife, and the healing of the billions of individuals of which modern humanity is comprised.  Personally, I just  like the molecular structure of CBD and THC – the scientific model of the molecule was the base for the logo on this site and a couple other sites. To me it suggests two people sitting contentedly on a bench, watching either a fire, or a sunset, or speaking to a third individual…

You might be looking for the8thfire.org – Medicine Lodge which this link will redirect you to.

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